Holiday Progamming

 Often you will see us participating at the JCC with free handouts and giveaways celebrating the holidays. Sometimes the event at the JCC will not be on the holiday itself. When this happens we host our own celebration. Sukkot, Chanukah, Purim, & Lag BeOmer, the celebrations are fun and meaningful for all ages.

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Living Legacy Workshops

These workshops bring Judaism alive for children and adults. We don’t just learn about the holidays and customs, we actually make it with our own hands.

Shofar Factory:

ShofarWith Rabbi Green as our guide we will learn how to make/manufacture the Shofar. We will actually make several shofars “live” with audience participation. Along the way, we will learn the laws, customs, and instructions on how to blow the Shofar.


Model Matzah Bakery:

Three MatzosRabbi Green replicates the atmosphere of a real Matzah Bakery, complete with booths, rolling pins, hats, aprons, and a real stone oven. He will instruct when to mix, how to mix, how to roll the dough, and when to eat it. You will never look at Matzah the same way again.

Bonus Video (limited availability): While the Matzah is baking, we can watch how kosher wine is produced.

 Olive Oil Press:

Menorah and WorldIn this workshop we will light the menorah. But not with just any fuel. The miracle of Chanukah is celebrated with oil that we squeeze ourselves from fresh olives.

 Learn how we speed up the 8 day process into a few minutes.