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Lancaster County Kosher


Kosher Supervision and Inspection

Under the direction of Rabbi Elazar Green, Chabad of Lancaster has helped families, hotels, & businesses become kosher.

Rabbi Green has years of experience certifying and inspecting facilities, plants, and homes. Rabbi Green has experience working together with national Kosher Organizations like the OU, the OK, the Chof-K and others.

We provide our own regional certification and also have connections at and are able to represent national certifications if your company or product requires it.

If you are interested in becoming kosher or if you would like your business or product to be certified kosher, please contact our office at  717-723-8783 to set up an appointment to discuss your needs.

Product Information & Certifications

Snavely logo.jpg

Snavely's Flour (Mifflinville Location) is under our supervision and is Kosher, Pareve and Yoshon when stamped Yoshon. Lot runs are tracked by our office. If you have a question about a specific run please call. Whole wheat and white flour runs are available. Please call our office for more details on how to place an order and to ensure that it is Yoshon. Click Here For a Yoshon Certificate.

ALL Snavely's Flour Mills - are under our supervision and the flour is Kosher, Pareve.  Kosher Certificate can be downloaded here.

Snavely's Flour Mills -  Trailers are under our supervision.   Kosher Certificate can be downloaded here. 


Wilkins Rogers MIlls (Palmyra Location) has been visited regularly by Rabbi Elazar Green for years and is Kosher Pareve. It is also under the supervision of the OU. Whole Wheat and White flour Yoshon loads are available upon request under our supervision. Please call our office for more details. 

Wilkins Rogers Mills - trailers are under our supervision. Special kosher certification for Passover is available. The Kosher Certificate is available here. 


Small Valley Milling is under our supervision and is Kosher and Pareve.  They produce organic spelt and emmer products. Yoshon and Kosher For Passover Certification is available.  http://smallvalleymilling.com/. A kosher letter may be downloaded here

essential eating.jpg - Shiloh Farms/Essential Eatings/ Distributed by Garden Spot offers an organic sprouted flour that is under our supervision and marked accordingly.  Kosher Certificate is available here.


pa dry mix.jpgPA Dry Mix Inc. - All mixes at PA Dry mix is under our supervision and are certified Kosher and Pareve. They are not certified Yoshon.   Kosher Certificate is Available here. 

paul logo.jpgPaul Bitting Transportation Inc. - Trailer wash is under our supervision. Certified Kosher Trailers are able to maintain their Kosher Status. Uncertified Kosher Trailers are able to be certified with prior arrangement with Rabbi Green. Kosher Certificate is Available here. 

Other products carrying our symbol are; 

Uncle Henry's Pretzels -

Dutch Country Pretzels -

Hempzels -

Hemp Seed -

Call our office for more details 717-723-8783

(2010,2011, 2012, 2013, 2014) The Sukkahs at the Eden Resort and the Doubletree/Willow Valley Resort have engaged us to certify their Sukkahs. Please reference the certification letter on the wall of the Sukkahs or at the front desk.

HersheyPark - During the summer season, the Kosher Stand at Hershey and at Dutch Wonderland are Kosher certified by the Star - K of Baltimore, MD.   http://www.centralpaskoshermart.com/

During the Sukkos Event (2010, 2011, 2012, & 2013) at HersheyPark, we certified throughout the park all the Pretzels, the ICEEs, and the Coffee to be Kosher, Pareve at all locations. A mashgiach turned on the ovens to finish baking the pretzels. 

Kettle Corn Popcorn -  Dutch Wonderland - UNCERTIFIED 

Mikvah - Congregation Degel Israel -  Is currently in service.

Eiruv -  Is down.

InterAgency Services

If you are a Kosher Certifying Agency that would like to explore the possibility of our help in representing your agency in Central PA, please be in touch. We have many satisfied clients whom we subcontract for as they find great value in our fee structure once they take into consideration travel, lodging and other expenses to bring someone from out of town.

We are proud of our operation and take the responsibility of kosher certification very seriously.

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