The Jewish Community at Franklin and Marshall by Rabbi Elazar Green


Jewish Academic Opportunities

For information about Judaic Studies offered by the college click here


Jewish Population:

The past couple of years the Jewish population on campus was about 150 – 200. It is our expectation that the Jewish population will grow, due to increased recruitment, new facilities (Café Kivo, Klehr Center) and the Chabad Student Group. 


Chabad of Lancaster started serving students in 2002, upon the request of several parents and students. In 2008, as students gained interest, Chabad moved closer to the college to be able to cater better to their needs. In 2007, a group of students applied to form a club called “Chabad at F&M”. Advised by  Professor Scott Lerner and Rabbi Elazar Green they have established Chabad as an official student group on Campus to serve the Jewish student population. Chabad offers Shabbat & Holiday Dinners and other services noted here.

Chabad Student Presidents:

2007-08 - Ruth Wiener '08

2008-09 - Gabriella Wiener '11 

2009-10 - Adela Korn '12

2010-11 Michael Morgenstern '11




Hillel has for been the sole source of Jewish life on Campus for many years. They inhabit the Klehr Center for Jewish Life with Dean Ralph Taber as the director and Jamie Beth Schindler as the program director.  More information about Hillel can be found here


  Keeping Kosher on Campus

Café Kivo has opened this past year on campus as part of the dining hall system. It is under the supervision of the Star K of Baltimore. Rabbi Green can be found there to meet with, eat with, or schmooze with on most Tuesdays lunch time. Rabbi Elazar Green has discussions and learning sessions for upperclassmen who are interested to know what the guidelines are for keeping kosher on campus om their own kitchenette.

Kosher Shopping is limited in Lancaster. Weis and Giant supermarkets on Fruitville Pike have a small selection. If you need anything from Baltimore, feel free to ask R. Elazar or Shira who are there everyday.


If you would like more information about Lancaster, or the Jewish life at F&M, feel free to give Rabbi Green a call who will gladly help you.