Last week I was talking with Kushi.

Someone asked him "Why are you going to Lancaster? You already know how to fundraise!?"

He said, "If you want to get better at something, you get training".

Makes a lot of sense...

Anyone can hit a ball. (except for me).

But, If you want to hit it better...you should get training.

Anyone can sing. (I think I can. My friends tell me better to stick to baseball!)

But, If you want to sing better, get training.

Anyone can be a parent. (except if you have teens. Then, you can't do anything right.)

So, If you want to do it better, keep learning.

What do you want to get better at?

Finding new donors?

Keeping your old ones?

Asking for major gifts?

The proper way of using appeal campaigns?

Getting closer to people?



Chai Clubs?

All of the above?

Well, you tell me.

What do you need to do better to provide for your community and your family?

Tell us (enough) in advance, and We'll talk about it at the training.

If you don't know what you don't know, (and that is a lot of people) that's perfectly fine too.

You'll learn a ton.

And you'll go home with a packed "box" of tools.

Excited. Energized. And on fire.

Check out the three videos and the FAQ below.
The most important thing about fundraising...
Why do donors give?
Why do donors stop?

Q. Why Lancaster?

A. Cuz, that's where I live. And I have a Chabad House there. Originally I was going to do it for like 12 people. (I have 14 beds in the Chabad house). Keep the costs down etc. Now we've got 33 people coming...with a few more still deciding if they want to raise more money.

Q. Who else is coming?

A. I get it. You need to know who else will be there. Maybe people will be too young. Or too experienced. Or too different shlichus. No problem. Email me and I'll send you the list of people who want to up their game. I can tell you that we have sons and fathers, schools, communities, campus shluchim, new shluchim, and veteran shluchim. And I think one Friendship Circle.

Q. How did you get Marc Pitman to come to Lancaster for just 30 shluchim? I heard he's like a zillion dollars.

A. He is. And he's worth it. But I got to know him. We have a relationship. I asked him if he'd come for 30 shluchim, and he said "yes". Free tip: Asking for money is almost the same process.

Q. Can you share the detailed schedule?

A. Yes. Email me.

Q. How do I know it will stick?

A. We don't. It's not a silver bullet. You won't change overnight. You'll have to do hard work and shift the way you do things. (You may not have to spend more time, but you will have to shift your focus...) But, you will be training with 30-40 shluchim who will continue the discussion afterward with several monthly conference calls and an ongoing WhatsApp group. Here's what I can ironclad guarantee you...if you don't come, there is no way the training will stick.

Q. How do I know that it's worth it?

A. Studies show that people who go to a fundraising conference, raise a lot more money. Like tens of thousands more. I'm not promising that...but shluchim have shared with me some incredible stories.

Q. I heard that you have a free Whatsapp Group. Can I join?

A. I have one that is open to all shluchim. "Grow Relationships and Gelt". Yes, you can join. Here's the link.

Q. When do I have to let you know by?

A. This is the last advertisement that I'm sending out. The hotel where I'm putting the "overflow" (18 people so far!) is almost booked. I can't tell you when the deadline is...I don't know myself...What I can say that if you know you want to come, you are not going to gain anything by waiting.

Q. Can I make payments?

A. As much as I would like to accommodate, I don't have the staff in-house to manage special arrangements.

Q. Can you hold a place for me while I decide?

A. Unfortunately, no. See above.

Q. What will we be eating?

A. Seriously? SMH. We just read about the slav like two weeks ago...we're eating Chicken. CHK.

Ok. So if you read this far...your next question should be...

Q. Where do I sign up?

As always, Feel free to email me with any questions...

To your Mosad's success!