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Tourist Information

Tourist Information


Touring in Lancaster County (Click here for Guest Suite Rental!)


Picture above is the view from our Guest Suite

Chabad of Lancaster’s
2016 Unofficial Jewish Tourist Information Guide.
Welcome to Lancaster! Chabad fields hundreds of phone calls every year advising people on attractions, accommodations, and resources.
In Lancaster, Chabad runs the Chabad Guest Suite, Lancaster County Kosher, the Lancaster Jewish Learning Institute, the Chabad Student Group at Franklin and Marshall College and is the headquarters for Chabad of York.

 We do have a complete guide that you can review for free. Click here to send us your email and you will automatically get access to it. 

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Hundreds of Jewish tourists come to Lancaster every year. At our guest house, visitors can enjoy staying in a kosher environment.
Lancaster County Kosher

Local & Reliable

Guest House

Clean & Comfortable Four Bedroom Suite.