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Shabbat Dinner and Services

Shabbat Dinner and Services



Chabad of Lancaster offers a few select Friday Night Dinners that are open to the public. Please be in touch if you would like to attend the very next one.

Always a hit. Always a magical experience. 

Thank G‑d it's Shabbat!

We got the best way to turn an ordinary Friday night into... a most exciting Shabbat! Join us Friday nights for a 5 COURSE, HOME-COOKED, GOURMET SHABBAT DINNER! Great food, lively singing, exciting conversation, inspiring stories, stump the Rabbi & Shira, see old friends & make new ones!

Come and bring a friend - ALL are invited!

Shabbat at Chabad: Zero Pressure -- Total Pleasure!

Hot food, warm atmosphere, cold drinks.


Lancaster County Kosher

Local & Reliable

Guest House

Clean & Comfortable Four Bedroom Suite.